Our New 5°C Solid Refrigerant (PMC)

We have developed a new cold storage refrigerant with a phase change temperature of 5°C. It will remain in its solid form before and after any phase change. This new product won't leak and will protect your temperature sensitive products for up to 144 hours. It's perfect when transporting pharmaceuticals, vaccines, plasma, blood samples as well as fresh and frozen food. It works well when using all of our insulated containers. Our tests have shown that this new product is reliable and safe for all types of transportation. This product meets the strict requirements of pharmaceutical cold chain transportation.


  • Stays solid before and after phase change without any liquid leaking.
  • Absorbs or releases heat at the right time, maintaining proper temperature for a longer period of time.
  • Maintains a temperature of 5°C in each area without supercooling or freezing.
  • Reusable and Non-toxic
  • Customized sizes are available
  • Company branding available
  • Our tests have shown that this product is reliable and suitable for domestic and overseas transportation.
  • The performance of this new product is 12 times better than if you use dry ice