Multi Functional Distribution Carts

Technical Parameters:

Dimensions: 450*350*920mm Each level load bearing: 10kg Wiring board size: 200*62*38mm (Optional) Voltage stabilized wiring board size: 350*125*76mm (Optional) Rated power: 1200W Input voltage: 120~260V  

Product Features

Ø Easy to assemble, no tools needed; Ø The panels on the cart are easy to clean. The surrounding panels are designed to prevent equipment from slipping; Ø The power souce can be installed on any level of the cart; Ø With the equipment mounting hole on the top level, the equipment can be mounted to reduce shaking or unnecessary movement; Ø The hook behind the cart can be used to hang wires and other small items; Ø The wheels are made of polyurethane, the diagonal brakes on the cart make it easy to stop.