Vibration Isolation Pallets

Vibration Isolation Pallet
("VI Pallet")

A pallet designed to help reduce the damage caused by shock and vibration. From precision instruments to jet engines, and from wine to fresh fruit, all may suffer from the effects of transportation. Properly designed vibration isolation pallets offer substantial protection. The same vibration isolation systems may be used to protect computer servers and IT equipment in areas susceptible to earthquakes.

Key Features:

  • Provides vibration isolation in horizontal and vertical directions;
  • May be used to protect a wide variety of products;
  • Standard VI pallets available for loads of 191 to 2355 pounds (87 to 1170 kg);
  • Size and weight may be customized to suit customer specifications;
  • VI pallets are available in all stainless steel for long life or wood for inexpensive single use.

Customer ordering instructions:

  1. Choose one of the three pallet base sizes from the table such as SLTP4840, the 4840 base size means the part in Contact with the floor measures 48x40 inches. Pallet base sizes can be customized according to customer needs;
  2. Estimate the total weight of the load in pounds, such as 620lbs;
  3. Add the chosen weight to the order number by entering the weight after the size: Example SLTP4840-0620;
  4. Specify the item number and the base material you would like to order, stainless steel, plastic or wood and request a quote,(see samples on next page);
  5. If the maximum height of the load's center of mass above the top deck of the pallet exceeds the height shown in the table contact us for a recommendation.
Item Number:




Load range (lbs)




Pallets Base Size (inches)




Pallet Bearing deck size (inches)