Our Guarantee

Over the last ten years, we have partnered with many international companies in many different industries. Whether you're a large pharmaceutical company or a logistics company who ships worldwide, we will be there for any challenge you face whether it's shipping temperature sensitive items, transporting fragile cargo or protecting your high priced IT equipment if you're located in an earthquake zone. At Solee Science & Technology U.S.A we look forward to working with you. We take pride in making sure all our staff is well trained and committed to providing excellent customer service. Besides being great at Refrigerants and Insulated Containers we also provide the following additional services Globally:

Our After – Sales Service Guarantee

Our commitment to you doesn't end when the sale is completed. Every product shipped will have a maintenance instruction manual, an after-sales service handbook, packing list and product qualification certificate. With our well-established after-sales service system, we provide customers with a three year warranty, product follow-up and customer support.

Service System