Foldable EPE Containers

Efficient and Convenient to use, No preconditioning needed, Foldable and Portable, Space-saving

Key Features:

Applicable to insulated containers, no preconditioning needed, extreme cold temperature safety, durable, replaceable, compact design, easy to use.
Packaging material: Water-proof nylon material, EPE aluminum material
Insulation material: 5℃ PCM

Thermal Performance Comparison:

Thermal Performance without using Foldable EPE Containers

8-hour preconditioning time for release energy required, otherwise, it will occur serious low temperature phenomenon. Less duration time during cold chain transportation.

Thermal Performance of using Foldable EPE Containers: No preconditioning required, time-saving, easy-packaging, constant temperature control within 2-8℃ in a longer periods of time.