About Us

Solee Science & Technology, has been providing innovative, high-performing, eco-friendly and cost optimal products and solutions for nearly two decades. At Solee, we are customer focused and service oriented. Our company is located in New Jersey, United States as well as in China. We manufacture and sell into four major international markets. First, cold chain logistics products into the pharmaceutical, vaccine, life science, biologic, food and other industries that have products needing precise temperature control and refrigeration; Secondly, our US patented vibration-isolation technology products serving the high-tech, food and logistics industry; Thirdly, our ice coolers catering to the international retail and wholesale markets; Lastly, medical equipment products serving the medical and hospital segments.

Solee is an ISO 9001 certified award winning, international manufacturer, which has strong R&D capabilities, numerous patents and many patent pending products in the pipeline. We have a variety of innovative high performing products serving our clients across the globe. Some of our cold chain logistics products include one way and reusable insulated containers, phase change materials in a variety of temperature ranges such as 2~8°C, 15~25°C, -15~-25°C and 0°C, one way and reusable temperature and humidity monitoring devices. Our US patented vibration isolation technology such as our innovative vibration isolation pallet will reduce shock and vibration up to 80%. We also have our one of a kind vibration isolation platform hand-truck. Our retail and wholesale ice coolers come in various sizes, models, and colors. Also we offer medical equipment and products

We make a conscious effort to utilize eco-friendly materials to design and manufacture our products. We are intent on improving sustainability and make the world a better place.